Orders are not currently being accepted through June 2014, due to Miyoko’s intensive research for the next stage of her business.

Please check back after June for exciting new products and the re-opening of online ordering!

Café Japon restaurant was closed in June, 2012. I appreciate your patronage during the time that the restaurant was open. It was a good six years. There, I deployed several aspects of the food business in the small restaurant format: baking baguettes, other artisan breads, croissants and other pasties, cakes and other baked goods; wholesaling breads to restaurants; having a stall at the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market; and cooking.

I was able to explore French food, such as: ratatouille, beef bourguignon, Sea Bass en Croûte,Tuna tartar, etc.; as well as, Japanese food, such as: sushi, Japanese comfort food, traditional Japanese cuisine, and vegetarian/vegan food in the restaurant, besides catering special menus for special events.

To achieve excellent quality, we used special, purified water, sea salt, organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken where possible. I also researched tea, serving high-end teas which were directly imported from Japan. These teas included high quality teas, such as “Japanese national competition award-winning sencha”, gyokuro and matcha. We had high-end Taiwanese oolong teas (green) as well. During my Cafe Japon restaurant phase,

I established an excellent reputation for product quality, especially with regard to baguettes and croissants. This is all L’Esprit de Miyoko. I am carrying on my spirit to reflect on whatever I do.

For the next phase, after I worked on so many things for the past six years, I would like to focus on baking. I want to learn baking in depth, and I want to understand the scientific reasoning behind every phenomenon related to baking. For this phase of L’Esprit de Miyoko, I plan to further perfect each recipe to the best of my abilities, based upon my enhanced understanding of the scientific foundation.