Web ordering is on vacation due to the transition from Phase I (bread focus) to Phase II (pastry focus) of my business. However, I plan to continue baking baguettes, which I consider as my forte. I will resume appearance at Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market, effective 11/1 (Sat). I would appreciate it if you would leave your comments on my products on my website. The website is the same as the restaurant; however, I changed the contents to reflect my current focus and what I will be doing. I look forward to seeing you again in November.

Café Japon restaurant was closed in June, 2012. I appreciate your patronage during the time that the restaurant was open. It was a good six years. There, I deployed several aspects of the food business in the small restaurant format: baking baguettes, other artisan breads, croissants and other pasties, cakes and other baked goods; wholesaling breads to restaurants; having a stall at the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market; and cooking.

I was able to explore French food, such as: ratatouille, beef bourguignon, Sea Bass en Croûte,Tuna tartar, etc.; as well as, Japanese food, such as: sushi, Japanese comfort food, traditional Japanese cuisine, and vegetarian/vegan food in the restaurant, besides catering special menus for special events.

To achieve excellent quality, we used special, purified water, sea salt, organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken where possible. I also researched tea, serving high-end teas which were directly imported from Japan. These teas included high quality teas, such as “Japanese national competition award-winning sencha”, gyokuro and matcha. We had high-end Taiwanese oolong teas (green) as well. During my Cafe Japon restaurant phase,

I established an excellent reputation for product quality, especially with regard to baguettes and croissants. This is all L’Esprit de Miyoko. I am carrying on my spirit to reflect on whatever I do.

For the next phase, after I worked on so many things for the past six years, I would like to focus on baking. I want to learn baking in depth, and I want to understand the scientific reasoning behind every phenomenon related to baking. For this phase of L’Esprit de Miyoko, I plan to further perfect each recipe to the best of my abilities, based upon my enhanced understanding of the scientific foundation.